Material Sustainability

Sustainability can be complex, often obscured by greenwashing and unsubstantiated claims. In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, being transparent about materials is vital. Our materials guide aims to illuminate the path towards sustainability by delving into a rich tapestry of eco-conscious options.

We are realistic about sustainability and for this reason we do not claim that any of the products listed on our website are 100% 'sustainable', as the term has not yet been defined. We believe in research, action and transparency.

Here's our current material evaluation process and what we consider to be eco-conscious.

Limit Virgin Synthetics

Promote Eco-Conscious Fibres

Celebrate Circularity


Our materials guide empowers you to make informed choices. Learn about each material, its environmental benefits, as well as considerations and impacts. We regularly update this space, introducing new materials and refining our stance on what we consider sustainable and eco-conscious.


We consider these fabrics environmentally beneficial in comparison to others on the market. We readily incorporate these fibres into our range.

Eco Upgrades

We consider these fabrics an upgrade in comparison to traditional synthetic fibres made from petrochemicals such as polyester and PVC. We incorporate these fibres into our range with extra consideration.