About Recycled Polyester

Recycled Polyester is a solution that addresses the issue of plastic bottle waste, which would otherwise contribute to environmental pollution. This material is a fantastic replacement for traditional virgin polyester, and reduces the need for new petroleum based polyester manufacturing.

The production of recycled polyester generates significantly less CO2 emissions, and 60% less energy consumption.


Recycled polyester is made form rPET bottles that would otherwise be destined for landfill. They are sorted, cleaned and broken down before being processed.


When compared with virgin polyester, the manufacturing process uses around 60% less energy and emits up to 45%-70% less CO2.


Virgin polyester production is derived from petroleum, a crude oil. By repurposing post-consumer waste, recycled polyester is lowering reliance on crude oils.

Recycling Processes

Recycled polyester, known as 'rPET,' is crafted through mechanical or chemical processes. This entails gathering PET, typically from used plastic bottles, and subjecting it to sorting, cleansing, and breakdown stages. The resulting material is then spun into yarn, offering adaptability for integrating performance technologies like moisture-wicking and temperature regulation.

Mechanical Recycling

Chemical Recycling


Synthetic fibres such as Lycra, polyester and nylon release microfibres when put into a washing machine. For this reason we always recommend using a microplastic wash bag.

While recycled polyester has many benefits, it is still synthetic and therefore releases microfibres. We're working on adding microfibre wash bag to our range but in the meantime, we love the one from Guppy Friend!

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