Weft Textiles

Weft Textiles is a Melbourne Studio creating garments and home goods with a focus on sustainability, circularity and regenerative design principles.

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Brand Ethos


Ethos has sourced the vegan products from the Weft range. We proudly stock Weft knowing that these products uphold our values of Compassion, Community & Conservation.

Animal Welfare


Weft prioritises organically certified, recycled and mono fibres, in alignment with their sustainability goals. They promote regenerative farming practices, and require reduced transportation as their products are made in Australia.



Weft upholds ethical manufacturing and collaborates closely with Australian-based, family-owned manufacturers to create ethically-made soft furnishings and garments.


From the Founder

Adopting circular and regenerative design principles, Weft aims to create a more sustainable environment. Through our commitment to designing out waste and regenerating natural systems, our designs are centered around functionality and sustainability.

- Samia