Ukiyo World

Ukiyo World, a Melbourne based brand, redefines luxury candles and scent design through sensory experiences.
Born from a longing for travel and the solace of nature, each candle transports you to a world where dreams meet reality.
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Brand Ethos


Ukiyo World is proudly vegan and cruelty free. Their candles are created from materials that are vegan, environmentally friendly and natural. Their formulations, fragrances and ingredients are not tested on animals.

Animal Welfare


Ukiyo World have reduced their impact on the environment through all aspects of their business. Ukiyo candles are made from soy wax, their glass vessels can be recycled or reused, they use 100% natural fibre cotton wicks and have sustainable packaging practices.



Crafted in limited quantities, Ukiyo World meticulously sources all components from esteemed Australian-owned and operated suppliers, aiming to bolster its community, uphold unparalleled quality, and mitigate environmental footprint. Their candles are hand crafted in their Melbourne studio.



Let these fragrances and melodies whisk you away.
Light, listen, and let go.

From the Founder

Ukiyo World redefines luxury handcrafted candles and scent design by creating moments through our senses.

Born out of a desire to alter mood and atmosphere, Ukiyo World consists of a considered range of six timeless, consciously handcrafted candles inspired by thoughtful use of light and ancient symbols used to protect the home.

A lockdown pastime conceived out of a longing for travel and the reprieve found in nature. Each scent has the power to transport you to another world where dream meets reality.

Ukiyo World strive to promote mindfulness and self-care through encouraging individuals to embrace moments of stillness and focus on their daily rituals. Whether it's through our serene animations on Instagram or the soothing ambiance of a flickering flame accompanied by gentle melodies and scent, we aim to cultivate a sense of ritual in everyday life.

- Ukiyo World