Mon Choux The Label

Mon Choux is a cruelty free brand creating timeless watches with enduring, sophisticated, and gender-neutral timepieces.
Their luxury quality timepieces are crafted from sustainable, cruelty-free materials.

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Brand Ethos


Mon Choux is proudly founded on vegan and cruelty free practices. Their entire range is animal free and the textiles they choose with careful consideration hold PETA certification.

Animal Welfare


Mon Choux use future-focused sustainable materials such as VEGEA Grape Leather, vegan cork, and durable stainless steels. Their packaging is FSC certified.



Mon Choux uphold ethical manufacturing and hold manufacturing audits/certifications. Their VEGEA leather is traceable all the way to the wineries.


From the Founder

Unable to find a cruelty-free watch option I was personally searching for that was made with quality and epitomised luxury, I embarked on a journey to create a timepiece that reflected my personal values and style.

Mon Choux The Label was born from that desire to create elegant, well-crafted and considered pieces that stood the test of time and hues that would transcend the seasons. Designed with an intentional, decisive simplicity and importantly, a sustainable yearning to pay homage to the sugarcane plantations surrounding our upbringing.

Mon Choux, a term of endearment in French meaning ‘my sweet’, is synonymous with both luxury and longevity, and for you our conscious community to feel that responsibility and opulence every time you wear or gift one of our watches.

- Mel