About MIRUM®

The only high-performance, plastic-free alternative to leather, MIRUM® is premium material made from responsibly sourced natural rubber, plant-based oil, natural pigments, and minerals.

In addition to having an extremely low carbon footprint, MIRUM® requires no water during manufacturing and dyeing.


MIRUM is made with the utmost stewardship of nature in mind, for many of our ingredients this means using by-products of other industries. An example of this is using coconut husk fiber (called coir) which is a by-product of producing coconut water and oil. Their patented curative is entirely plant-based and sourced from renewable feedstocks.


Once the right ingredients have been selected, they are dry-mixed and mechanically formed into the desired shape. The MIRUM manufacturing process does not require additional water inputs besides what is represented in the natural ingredients. This means there is no effluent (e.g. wastewater) discharge generated from the making of MIRUM. 


During this step, an optional natural fabric backer can be added to the MIRUM sheet and a texture is embossed on the surface, to give MIRUM its final look and feel. No petrochemical adhesives are used to ‘glue’ the fabric backer to MIRUM. MIRUM® uses biobased materials that will not pollute the earth when products reach end of life.

Recyclable and Circular

MIRUM® is the first material of its kind that is both 100% recyclable and 100% circular in nature. It is competely free of petrochemicals, avoiding plastic pollution. It can be endlessly recycled into new MIRUM®, reducing the use of virgin materials and promoting environmental sustainability. If it exits production, it safely returns nutrients to the earth.

MIRUM® is produced by Natural Fibre Welding. You can read their impact assessment here.

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