A_C Official

A_C Official is an Australian luxury handbag brand whose design principles are based on a Circular Economy, producing contemporary but timeless styles.

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Brand Ethos


A_C is proud to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Each product in their range is made ethically without the use of animal derived materials.

Animal Welfare


A_C prioritizes the Circular Economy, offering environmentally-beneficial bags with plant-based, organic, and recycled textiles. They have implemented circular initiatives such as repairs and end-of-life programs. Profits support Carbon Sequestration Projects. For every A_C product sold, they plant a Mangrove tree with Sea Trees, promoting conservation.



A_C works with factories who go above and beyond the regular certification culture and wages, respecting workers' rights, providing fair & living wages, and a safe environment.


From the Founder

From learning to sew before she could ride a bike, to driving much-needed change within the Global Fashion Industry, Tessa's life has always been in Design. Before Tessa was designing millions of handbags, she was buying them - which has everything to do with her 'Ah Ha' moment.
"It is just as much the responsibility of the designer to produce goods that are kind to our planet and its inhabitants, as it is the customer’s duty to consider their consumption choices."

- Tessa