Cordyceps Liquid Drops (Fruiting Body)

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Cordyceps Liquid Drops from wild harvested Siberian Cordyceps. A dropper solution produced through a dual extraction process of water and alcohol.


These Cordyceps Liquid Drops from Ninth Path are the perfect addition to your wellbeing routine, to be added to your favourite smoothie or taken alone.

Non GMO | Farmed responsibly at Ninth Path's partner farm in the USA | Vegan 


    If one ventures into the quiet corners of the world, they might encounter the cordyceps mushroom, a little lantern glowing amidst the undergrowth.

    Found in diverse habitats, from the dizzying heights of the Tibetan plateau to the verdant expanse of the Amazon, Cordyceps is a testament to resilience and survival. It illuminates the forest floor and our understanding, a beacon of intrigue in the silent dialogue of the natural world.

    Ninth Path’s Cordyceps mushroom products are made using the fruiting body (and only the fruiting body - no grains at all) of Cordyceps militaris farmed by their partner farm in the USA.

    Mushrooms should be seen as functional food and not remedies to treat medical conditions. We strongly encourage you to discuss with your doctor before start taking any mushroom based functional food to make sure you are not interfering with any treatment you are currently going through. Please consult your medical practitioner before offering these functional foods to children.

    Any statement or suggestion on the efficacy of this product to treat any medical condition or enhance any body function has not been validated by the TGA or any other food / medicine regulation authority. If pregnant, breastfeeding, have a medical condition, taking medications or have allergy to fungi or any of the components of this product, please, consult with your doctor before using it.


    Cordyceps fruiting body liquid dual extract (water & ethanol) 30% alcohol (v/v).

    Cordyceps, a mushroom typically found attaching to animals in their natural habitat, has been grown on rice without the use of any animal-derived ingredients in Ninth Path's vegan product line.
    Made in Australia using Cordyceps mushroom fruiting bodies farmed by Ninth Path's partner farm in the USA.


    Start slowly and in moderation.

    Serving Suggestion: 2 ml (approx. two pipette draws or 25 drops) two to four times a day. You can take this extract by itself, or mix with beverages or food.

    We recommend using within 6 months of purchase.

    Keep them away from direct sunlight and heat. There is no need to refrigerate the liquid extracts but you can if you want (they might feel more refreshing).
    Do not refrigerate powders/capsules. Keep them in sealed containers with their desiccant gel packs to minimise humidity build up.


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    Ninth Path's Farm

    Ninth Path grow most of their own mushrooms at their farm Cogumelo. Their proud, small & local mushroom farm is located in Victoria, focusing on the cultivation of gourmet & medicinal mushrooms.

    ‘Cogumelo’ stands for ‘Mushroom’ in Portuguese - the name is an homage to Denys’s Brazilian heritage. Their mushrooms are grown using artisanal processes without any pesticides or nasty chemicals.

    Denys & Mark are an asset to their community and selflessly share their knowledge through education, workshops, consulting services and soil assessment services. They supply top quality, freshly harvested mushrooms to restaurants, cafes and grocery shops all over Victoria. They also donate their leftover mushroom grow substrate to the community to be used in compost and gardens.

    This beautiful image is of Reishi mushrooms Ninth Path grew and harvested for your supplements.

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